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World voltage & Power Cord, plug specifications

Power Cord,
Plug type
cords pbb csa ul vde
Country China USA Japan USA Japan Australia Argentina China Australia Argentina European Korea Switzerland
Description Type A
2 flat blades
Type B
2 flat blades with round ground pin
Type C
oblique flat blades
Type D
oblique flat blades - grounded
Type E
2 round pins

ccc ce saa de fi power
European Korea European Korea British(U.K) Singapore South Africa Italy Chile Israel
Type F
2 round pins
Type G
2 round pins with ground receptacle
Type I
3 flat blades UK BSI 1363/A type plug
Type K
3 round pins plug in triangle pattern
Type N
Italy type plug
Type P
Israel type plug

jse cul        
Switzerland Danmark        
Type M
Swiss type plug
Type O
Denmark type plug

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